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Our Origin Story



Issue #1

Forged in 2007 Final Boss began as FJB Comics & Games a local comic shop on York St. in downtown Jersey City.  Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. A tree fell, snapped powerlines which set our store on fire and shut us down.

Issue #2

1 week later we found a new home on Coles St where we quickly rose to the #1 entertainment store in Jersey City. As time went by we were absorbed into the 616 Universe as Roy's Comics as seen in Ms. Marvel Vol 3. #6.

Issue #3

Unfortunately, when disaster struck Coles Street leaving a crater where once stood our store, we knew we needed to level up, one final time! Thus out of the flames, we were reborn in Lawrenceville, NJ where we shall remain the Final Boss and your final stop for entertainment!

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